Thursday, September 25, 2014

Study Finds Riding without a Helmet Leads to Costlier Injury’s

While my intention here is not to skewer the American thought process, I’m baffled by it. I am baffled by American motorcycle riders who sneer at the thought of owning a Keith Code book, much less reading it. I’m baffled by riders who’ve ridden for 20 years, sneer when corrected over their unsafe group riding habits. I’m baffled by experienced riders who don’t care about protecting the delicate brain inside their head. I guess the title of “brain” for some is in name only

From an article a few months ago, "Michigan’s Weakened Helmet Law Leads To Costlier Injury Claims, Study Finds." This should have been an obvious. It shouldn’t have taken a study to prove that crashing on your bike without head protection leads to greater injury! The study stated,

“Weakening the helmet law seems to have made it somewhat more likely that riders will sustain injuries, but the big impact has been on the seriousness of the injuries…”

It was thoughtful in the law change to require medical insurance for an un-helmeted rider, but silly that the minimum is $20,000 in coverage! A serious head injury could require long-term to lifelong care. I’ve seen it and it’s scary to see. Those images in my mind are the one thing that give me pause on riding a motorcycle.

Rant over…sheesh.