Thursday, January 15, 2015

Harley Davidson Test Rides

2014 was a unique year for me. I've ridding a motorcycle for a number of years. I've test road a lot of different types. However, I've never ridden or test road a Harley Davidson. Until now.

The reasons that sent me on a different path were typical. Walk into the local dealer, and receive rude treatment. Then look at the price tag after the rude treatment. Walk out and never come back. The brand isn't the issue and that can happen in a lot of different motorcycle stores.

Fast forward years later. I'm happy with my current ride, but it just seemed wrong to not have tried out a Harley. My first test ride was a Fat Bob. That's the one based on the Dyna frame.

For those uninformed and it looks like H-D has all these confusing models. They don't. They have about five frames they're working with; Sportster, Dyna, Softail, V-Rod and the Touring one. All their bikes are built around these frames.

The Fat Bob being a Dyna model handled easily. Phenomenal really. It's a smaller frame with a very powerful engine. Its not so torquey that you are constantly concerned.

Later, I rented a Street Glide. That's using the Touring frame. My impression with the Street Glide is comfort and hauling capacity. It was an older and very beat up bike and it still handled well.

I did video on both. Enjoy!