Sunday, January 18, 2015

Oysterville Washington

I love visiting the coast of the Pacific Northwest, especially Washington's. Currently, one of my go-to spots is the Long Beach area in Pacific County. Its part of the Columbia River Valley. There's always someplace new to explore. One of my new discovery's was Oysterville.

Oysterville was a community and town founded close to Long Beach Washington, near the Chinook people. Newcomers started arriving around the mid 1800s. I'm not sure if anyone knows an exact incorporation date anymore.

As the name indicates, oyster farming was one of the community's strengths. According to stories, that made the community rather well-off. Popular writer Willard R. Espy grew up there. Today, its an unincorporated community. Some use the term a small village for what exists now.

This is one of the old towns and only still standing Churches. It was a Methodist Church. During the day its open to the public for visitors.

Inside the church is well kept. The pulpit, pew and Bible are ready to go. Upon entering, the Bible was opened to the Psalms.

This is one of the still standing schools. Its an old style one-room schoolhouse.

Many of the building have be lost and succumbed to time. This house looks next.