Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What motorcyclists can learn from a cat

Now how do I get down!?
Cats are sometimes curious things. Especially when they speedily charge right up a ladder, and then unable to get down. Curiosity is sometimes blamed for cats mishaps. In an amusing sense sometimes target fixation seems like an obvious issue for a cat.

I think motorcycle riders can learn some things from our little furry friends. More often than we would like to admit, we're often guilty of some of the same behavior. The commonality is charging full speed ahead into something without taking time to pause, and then look around over the ramifications. We charge ahead into corners, bunching up too close behind traffic, moving into tights spots with no exit, or angry exchanges with drivers.

Cats are known to have 9 lives. They have close calls. They have woopses. They get into something and they need your help. I sometimes find myself having an occasional close call. In between my daydreaming as a ride along, sometimes something slips in my way, or not looking out far enough ahead, I ride into a challenging circumstance with a car.

I don't want to use up my 9 lives. When I ride into a pickle, there's no one to help me out of it. I don't have an owner who feeds me and cleans my litter box. It's on me, and it always will be.