Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Motorcycle Camping Gear

This is my gear list for what I take when I do a motorcycle camping trip. I've segregated it into my must haves versus optional items. I'm currently camping on a Triumph Thunderbird 1600. I generally take all of this, but if its your first time or you have limited cargo space, the optional items don't have to be taken.

Small Tent
Sleeping Bag
Phone/Extra Battery Power
Can Opener
Hatchet for wood
Wear Boots
Extra Cloths / Toothbrush
Rain Gear
Air Pressure Gauge for bike
Mosquito repellant
Carry bag
Bug bite
Toilet Paper

Small Portable Camp Stove (Optional)
Cook Set (Optional)
Sleeping Pad (Optional)
Fire Starter (Optional)
Camp Chair (Optional)
Extra Optical Glasses (Optional)
Tough Tent Stakes (Optional)
Tarp (Optional)
Warm Foot Wear (Optional)
Backpack (Optional)
Extra gloves (Optional)
Hand Warmers (Optional)