Friday, August 14, 2015

Face the Music: A Life Exposed by Paul Stanley

This year I finish reading Michael Sweet’s book, Honestly. To take what some might view as going in the opposite direction, I’ve just completed reading Paul Stanly’s book, Face the Music. Oh my, this is not a youth friendly or sensitive reader book. Sex, drugs and Rock & roll…and pedophilia (not him), it’s all in there. And Paul survived. Many around him didn’t.

Some of the lessons in the book which meant a lot to me were around the insular bubble that can sometimes be built around you. Coddling and being taken care of, takes away your autonomy and independence. That allows you to be controlled by others. He wasn’t talking politics, but this rolls into some things that weaken western society today via political policy.

Another was dealing with a certain type of person. While you will choose to be responsible, and take care of your affairs (be an adult), others around you will dump on you what a tight-ass (money) you are. They will engage in self-destructive behavior and convinced themselves YOU victimized THEM. Like saving someone drowning, some will pull you under if you try and help. I’m not talking about not caring or being unhelpful, you can give all the caring in the world and all the help to some, and it just makes some resent you more. Some valuable lessons.

Money, fame, popularity, sex according to Paul, isn’t where it was at for him. In the end, he found his way back to…get this…a traditional family. And he now is positive toward faith, like Judaism in particular. I'm envious of his success, and path he found.

Coming from a maltreated family who survived the Second World War Holocaust, the odds were not in his favor. I almost want to recommend this book as a back to back read with Michael Sweet’s book, Honestly. There’s a lot of interesting, but different, parallels.