Friday, August 7, 2015

Freedom: Credos from the Road by Sonny Barger

I finished one Barger book, only to read another; Freedom: Credos from the Road. In this book, Sonny Barger presents some of what he lives by. Some he learned on his own, and the hard way.

While many of the credos are from inside the motorcycling community, they can apply outside as well. The author gives perspective on dealing with overbearing people, existing in a community of people, the politics of people, etc. I didn’t know what to expect with this book.

A few of the credos might seem cliché. In the book they are given examples and backing. Having too many chiefs (leaders), being on time and better, early…learning from how people treat you, being an individual, and most of all, live your life, are just some of the ones that spoke to me.

Because he’s a biker guy, or a one-percenter, or ex-con, don’t let that discredit this book from going into your leadership toolbox. Not everything will of course apply. Some of the principles presented in this book, are ones that are disappearing, and/or reserved for expensive leadership training. A highly recommended book!