Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ubuntu Fails To Convert

From the TechRepublic,

Politicians in a German city that switched from Microsoft Windows to Ubuntu Linux are wanting, at least on their laptops, Windows back on w/Office. The complaints are over a lack of word processing software, office packages, video calling and conferencing software, etc. While I know these exist in the English speaking world, apparently they're not so numerous in the German language.

The city migrated to Ubuntu to save money. That worked, but it appears to have come with another type of cost. Lost productivity. While Linux has some of the industries best tools and software for network hosting and security, the OS overall is still struggling in the consumer and enterprise office area.

Ubuntu has probably been the best answer to the usability departments and deep software library of Microsoft, Apple and Google. It looks like there's still work to do. At least in the German language area.