Sunday, October 25, 2015

Winter Motorcycle Agenda

Copied from prior blog.

I'm usually an all season rider. This winter is being extremely harsh. We just had one of the coldest days we've had in three years. Without being able to even occasionally ride, I've decided to catch up on maintenance. I've also decided to treat myself to some new accessories. This way my bike will be ready to go for spring. My to-do list has been (some of it is already done):
  • Oil Change
  • Scheduled Service Check
  • Battery Health (just had to replace)
  • New Accessories
  • Setting up with a quality smart charger
  • Check tire health
You don't have to forget about your bike during the cold. I don't. If you give your bike attention during the winter months, your bikes health will be exponentially increased. If you do need to let it set for awhile, here's what I would do.
  • Setup your battery with a smart charger.
  • Store your bike in a somewhat heated garage. (At least out of the weather)
  • Drain the gas tank. (or at least use no ethanol fuel for storage, and/or pour in a quality marine grade fuel treatment.)
  • Every 3-4 weeks move your bike. (So the tires don't develop bad spots)
  • I also might occasionally start it and let it idle for awhile to full operating temperature. (fyi, some bike won't charge the battery with this kind of idling)