Saturday, November 7, 2015

When You Don't Follow The Law!

When you don't follow the law, especially when you're on travel roads, you may knowingly set events in motion. While many times this won't create a danger for you, you may put someone else in harm's way. Let me provide an example.

Last week I was waiting to enter a crosswalk. A vehicle driven by a young driver stopped her car right on top of  the crosswalk. She's oblivious to everything around her. Why? Because she's engage in a mobile phone conversation while driving. Cell phones without hands free is generally illegal.

I need to cross, so I walk behind the vehicle. I should have crossed in front. This resulted in the a vehicle in the opposite lane not seeing me. I was mindful of not just walking out and stopped.

Most cars in the opposite lane stopped for me. For some reason one waited until the last minute. Maybe they didn't see me. They applied their brakes in an emergency fashion.

After I had almost completed my crossing the vehicle that skidded to a stop floored their accelerator pedal and almost clipped me. I jumped out of the way just in time. The start chain of these events was someone needed to be on the cell phone while driving. I could tell by the giggling that it wasn't an emergency call.