Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gauge Placement

I love where Victory Motorcycles places the speedometer-information gauge on a lot of their bikes. They place them out on top of the handlebars and headlamp, not on the fuel tank. It’s where it needs to be for me.

I know the fuel tank is traditional for cruiser bikes. The problem is it breaks the primary rule of a basic rider education course which is, never take your eyes off the road. It’s even more a problem for people with vision handicaps. So Victory going for usability, instead of tradition, scores with me.

I love the Triumph Thunderbird. You can’t go wrong with a Japanese cruiser. Today, Harley-Davidson IS the cruiser bike. Viewing the gauges and control lights is all wrong for me on most cruiser bikes. Due to my work in usability, their gauge makes me irritable just thinking about where they are usually placed.