Sunday, February 28, 2016

Issaquah, Washington

From the Triumph America days...

Last weekend I took a bike trip up to Issaquah, Washington. A lot of places in Washington feel special. This one especially. After rampant housing growth and all the trees being lawn mower’d, A lot of places are just not the same.

Issaquah is an old town; old for Washington that is. Like many Northwest names, Issaquah pulls from a Native American heritage. It was once the 2nd fastest growing suburb in the state, and the 89th fastest growing in the U.S. While the town obviously has a traffic issue now, for some reason the growth hasn’t completely spoiled the spirit of the area, at least for me.

On the way to Issaquah is the most fascinating house. If someone lives there, I hope the owners can forgive my rude camera intrusion. See the picture below.

I stopped and visited Boehm’s Candy store. It was opened by Julius Boehm. My mother used to ski with him back in the day. I think the connecting tie was shared Austrian heritage.

Julius Boehm
Boehm's Candies
A beautiful house on the way to Issaquah.