Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Olympic National Forest

From the Triumph America days...

With the weather becoming sunnier, this weekend I wanted to spend the night in the Olympic National Forest. The forecast was perhaps a bit of light rain. No big deal. After work I loaded up the Triumph and I was off. I needed to get away.

Halfway I stopped at the last open store for a few food supplied and a sandwich. I then realized I had left my video camera at home. Rats. It took longer than I anticipated getting to my destination.

I reached Olympic forest at dusk. There was still open sites in the campground and found a good spot. This one had a soft moss floor for my tent and sleeping on.

The next problem was trying to find where to pay the camp fee. Round and round the dark campsite I go with my motorbike, probably annoying the sleeping campers; only to realize the camp host collects the fee and they weren’t there.

Like my last trip, I’m setting up my tent by flashlight. The better part about this trip was, it wasn’t so wet and cold I couldn’t start a fire. The next problem was half way through my dinner sandwich, I’m eating an odd taste…mold! Good thing I brought a bottle of brandy…I needed it to get the mold taste out of my mouth!

At about 4:00 am I wake up to pouring rain and my tent mostly soaked. Fortunately I had my backup rain jacket in my saddlebag. So I broke out the flashlight, tore down my campsite and loaded up the drenched bike for home.

I didn’t feel safe riding at full speed in the dark down a mountain road. I mostly putted in 3rd and 4th gear. I did stop for a few photos with the cell phone. The night was wearing off. The Olympics having a reputation as a rain forest and didn’t disappoint.

Dawn is breaking

Spooky forest at dawn.

Long rainy road home.