Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Triumph America Days

My 2006 Triumph America.
On this blog, you’ve probably seen some posts with the introduction, “From the Triumph America days...” I've been sharing old stories from my first motorcycle. I’ve been migrating over to Blogger for a while now and have a new audience.

The Triumph America was my first motorcycle. With it I also got my first bike jacket and helmet. For the jacket I went with an Olympus Hi-Viz. For the helmet I went with a Nolan N103, and Rev'It! riding pants.

My first jacket and helmet.
Those days were special. I'm learning. I'm honing skills. I'm figuring things. I participate in classes. I practice in an industrial park. I weigh and inspect other riders advice, which usually fell into one of the following categories; the good, the bad and the ugly.

I read a few books, but not the popular ones. I've learned through experience the popular books are not always the most informative. I searched for books like Road Craft, the London Riders Police manual or books and information from David L. Hough.

Practice in the industrial park.
I think fondly of that first bike and that time period. They say never get rid of your first motorcycle and I now see why. I traded it in for a more powerful bike and what I considered the next step in the evolution of my skills. While I wish I still had it, compared to the Road King I have now, it would just be setting there neglected. I hope its serving its current owner like it served me.