Monday, March 14, 2016

Triumph America, Robbed!

From the Triumph America days... 

I was robbed at work. They got into my saddle bags. It wasn’t too bad in a way because it appears the actual bike wasn’t damaged.

They weren’t locking bags but they cut and tore both my saddle bag rain covers. They could have just pulled them off. Instead they had to ruin them.

A fellow employee saw them in the act but couldn’t get out of the building in time. They were on bicycles. I called the police and then I did a quick search of the area. I had a good description from my co-worker that witnessed the act but they were long gone, with all my stuff.

I’ve used this bike for some pretty long trips. I mostly pack a few cheap tools in case I get stalled or have a flat tire. This changes things up. It looks like I’m going to have to switch to some hard cases with locks.

A ripped rain cover.