Saturday, October 15, 2016

Birth of the Dragon - Bruce Lee

Birth of the Dragon - 2016
As a youth my interest in Chinese martial arts came from my father. He picked up his interest from public figures and authors like Bucksam Kong, TT Liang, etc. and of course Bruce Lee. I still remember the commotion from his solo practice in the makeshift gym he created. He made a lot of his own workout equipment just like Bruce Lee did.

As someone who grew up around Seattle who’s familiar with the memories of Lee, when I saw the trailer for the new biopic about him I thought,....uh oh. This doesn’t look good. Could the new show really miss the mark this wide and be that bad? The reviews are starting to come in on this effort from our progressive masters, and the first ones aren’t complimentary.

Reviews For the Bruce Lee Biopic are Out and Asians Should Be Pissed.