Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Bible's Cutting Room Floor: The Holy Scriptures Missing from Your Bible

I finished reading (finally!) The Bible's Cutting Room Floor: The Holy Scriptures Missing from Your Bible by Dr. Joel M. Hoffman. That’s probably another strange titled book for me to be reading. But I do have an interest in this area, sometimes.

The title is a bit of a tease and acts as a hook. There really wasn’t a cutting room floor as such. But the author does offer some fresh insights and new approaches for the history of the Bible(s), and perhaps why they contain the writings they do. This book really covers two bibles. The Jewish one, and the Christian one. That distinction will probably not be fully clear for topic novices. His strength is the Jewish topics as that is his primary background.

The Jewish and Christian Bibles are not a complete historical account for the time periods they cover. That’s probably shocking to a lot of faith diehards. I don’t believe the ancient authors ever meant all their writings to be historically fully comprehensive, or even to have them all mashed together in one book and followed like a rule book we do in the modern age.

The most interesting parts of Dr. Hoffmans book for me was, his extensive research covering the writing of the Roman-Jewish scholar Josephus, the writings of Enoch, further analysis of Adam and Eve, etc. Hoffman gives you a rather detailed and fascinating background for the dead sea scrolls. It’s almost an Indiana Jones like story. If you're a reader of the new testament writings, the exploration of the political situation in Judea during the time of Jesus sheds a whole new light on the new testament.

For anyone with an interest in this subject matter and it’s a slow slog at times, but a recommended read.